We’re on a mission to bring you better footwear. As former Division I Track & Field athletes, we know the value of having the best equipment to succeed. When we entered the work force, we felt like no one was giving professional work wear the same attention. With backgrounds in performance shoe design and development, we decided it was time to bring premium, dress footwear into the 21st century. By combining technologies used in the fastest running shoes in the world with Italian leather uppers, we’ve crafted a super comfortable dress shoe unlike any other on the market. Try them for yourself and feel the difference.


Our Discount Code Policy

We do not offer any discount codes on our products. If you see an advertisement or third-party source promoting discount codes for Wolf & Shepherd products, they are not valid. 


Last Call from Wolf & Shepherd

We created the Last Call site to offer our friends and customers the opportunity to purchase Wolf & Shepherd shoes at a reduced price. Our Last Call site is a private, limited collection of our shoes that have been discontinued or don’t quite meet the standards to be sold as “mint condition”. Some of these are styles we won't be offering anymore, while others are unworn shoes that were scuffed during shipping, or came from our manufacturer in less than perfect condition.

In our journey to reduce waste and elongate our product lifecycle, the Last Call site gives us the opportunity to sell shoes that might normally be discarded at a discounted price.

Click here to Shop Last Call.