Harmony in the hustle.
Peace in the pursuit.

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Hope and Justin Schneider standing in front a table with shoes Hope and Justin Schneider standing in front a table with shoes

Our story


We’re on a mission to bring you better footwear. As former Division I Track & Field athletes, we know the value of having the best equipment to succeed. When we entered the work force, we felt like no one was giving professional work wear the same attention. With backgrounds in performance shoe design and development, we decided it was time to bring the dress shoe into the future. By combining technologies used in the fastest running shoes in the world with Italian leather uppers, we’ve crafted a super comfortable dress shoe unlike any other on the market. Try them for yourself and feel the difference.

Designer wearing beanie working on a computer displaying a shoe design

Make it faster


Spend a day at Wolf & Shepherd and you’ll likely hear that phrase floating around. It’s how we think about everything: whether that’s adding a degree of slope to a toe cap, sourcing lighter materials, or just the pace with which we work. Faster is how we like to operate. It's the unique blend of performance and luxury materials that makes Wolf & Shepherd products special and unlike any other on the market.

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That said, quality is and will always be our top priority. It’s why we work with heritage tanneries in Florence and San Miniato who’ve built generational legacies doing things the right way. The wisdom we’ve reaped through these relationships can be felt in every detail of our products, and are lessons we hope to pass on to you.


Uppers. Eyelets. Soles. Lasts.
When some people make shoes they only see the parts.
When we make shoes we only see potential.

We don’t see an upper. We see an upper hand.
We don’t see eyelets. We see eyes on the prize.
We don’t see a sole. We see someone driving towards their sole purpose.
We don’t see a last. We see the last thing someone puts on before they take the first step.
In the direction of their wildest dreams.

We can’t help it. We’ve always been this way.
We didn’t start Wolf & Shepherd because we wanted to sell shoes.
We did it to make shoes that could keep up with people like us,
Who don’t know how to slow down.
The movers, the shakers, and the troublemakers.
Who find harmony in the hustle and peace in the pursuit.
Who believe that the hard things are usually the only ones worth doing.
People that know life only catches up to you, when you slow down enough to let it.

So we’re not slowing down anytime soon.
We’re going to keep making products that blur the lines between luxury and utility,
Between craft and style,
Between work and play,
Between brand and consumer.
Creating products that can’t be denied.
For people who refuse to be defined.
So they can break down the barriers between who they are now,
And who they’ve always believed they could become.


Over the last 7 years we've put our shoes through the ringer. One thing has been made clear on our mission to define the new era of dress footwear: we make super comfy shoes. From Running with the Bulls in Pamplona and Winning a Half Marathon in Atlanta to Skydiving, Surfing and everything in between, our shoes always exceed expectations. Join the pack and you can be part of our journey as we merge performance and technical materials with premium Italian leathers and trims; constantly resetting the standard for luxury dress shoes.