Welcome to the Pack: Maria Sharapova

Welcome to the Pack: Maria Sharapova

When you pick your partners,

You look for uncommon individuals,

Who share a common belief:

In always chasing better.

Someone who knows perfection isn’t always possible.


But chooses to chase it anyways.


Someone who knows consistency is currency.

That if you want to be prolific,

It’s not always going to be pretty.

But that’s part of the process.

So you keep pushing.


Who believes resting on your laurels is the quickest way to a loss.

And the biggest wins come when we work on our weaknesses.

Someone who knows dedication isn’t one big decision.

But a thousand little ones.

Every damn day.

Because if you really want to win,

The work is never done.


We found someone like this.


A multi-faceted force. Who fights for others.

A champion on the court, who champions others off of it.

A rare combination of grit and grace.

An undeniable star who will tell you,

She’s just getting started.


An icon who will push us to keep blurring the lines like she does.

Between fashion and function. Passion and profession.

And who will keep us accountable,

To continue closing the gap between who we are.

And who we know we can become.

As a company.

But more importantly, as people.


Maria Sharapova x Wolf and Shepherd.

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