Shoe Care Made Easy

Shoe Care Made Easy
If you're reading this, we trust you already know how important it is to take care of your shoes.
By dedicating that little extra effort - just a few minutes every couple weeks - you can ensure they remain healthy and vibrant for years to come. But for some reason, cleaning your dress shoes is akin to pulling teeth for so many. Why is that?
Recently we realized that many people find shoe care to be an overwhelming process. And you know what? They’re not wrong. Knowing when to use what, why you need it, how much to apply…it’s an easy thing to continuously put off.  To fix that we’ve created a simple, stress-free guide to caring for your shoes. Check out the instructions below, don't forget to spot-check to assure there's no adverse reaction to the fabric/leather, and finally enjoy the process of shoe care!

Wolf & Shepherd’s Easy Shoe Care Guide

Step 1: Leather Cleaner

Used for: Adding moisture and color
1. Apply cleaner to cloth or soft brush
2. Gently clean in a circular motion covering the entire area of the shoe
(Hint: a circular motion works best)

Step 2: Buff the shoe with our Horse Hair Brush

Used for: Even absorption of cleaner
1. Brush with long, even strokes for about two mins or until fully absorbed (Hint: Apply only a moderate amount of pressure)

Step 3: Sole Brightener

Used for: Enhance whitening effect of rubber outsoles
1. Apply directly to surface. Push down to activate applicator 
2. Scrub thoroughly and evenly in a circular motion
3. Wipe excess cleaner dirt with a clean cloth

Step 4: Water Repellent Spray

Used for: Protection against the elements
1. Spray about six inches away from shoe
2. Let shoe dry overnight 
(Hint: A few sprays is enough. No need to soak the shoe) 

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