Shoe Care Guide Part I

Shoe Care Guide Part I

So you’ve just gotten your new pair of Wolf and Shepherd shoes.  You can feel the warm embrace of calfskin, as it wraps itself tenderly around your foot.  The viscoelastic memory foam whispers, “I love you, foot.”  And when you look to see that little WS staring back up at you, you can already tell that you’re in love too.  In fact, this is the beginning of what could be a lifelong relationship.  But like all relationships, it takes a little effort to maintain that love… in sickness and in health, in puddles and on carpet, and yada yada, until death do you part.  We want your relationship to be successful, and that’s why we’ve assembled this guide on how to care for your Wolf and Shepherd shoes. 

Everyday Care

This first section includes tips to consider every time that you put on or take off your shoes.  These are simple and will help you to maintain the sleek outer structure of your shoe for years to come. 

Recommended tools: shoehorn, shoe trees, climate-controlled environment (like your house!)

Tip #1 – When putting on your shoes, insert a shoehorn just inside the back of the shoe, with the concave side facing the opening of the shoe.  Then simply use the shoehorn to slide your heel into place.  This tip has the following benefits:

1.     The back of your shoe will be protected.

2.     Your foot will slide into the shoe more comfortably.

3.     Your friends will know how sophisticated you are (at least the friends that watch you get dressed in the morning).

4.     If you were a “first batcher” with WS, then you’ve already got a complimentary shoehorn that looks so cool, you wanted some excuse to use it anyway!

You can pick up a shoehorn for literally pennies (might take about 100 of them, but still), and they are worth every one.

Tip #2 – When not wearing your shoes, store them with shoe trees inside.  Some experts say you should give your shoes a day off after each wear, to allow them extra time to regain their shape with the shoe trees; however, we have heard that some customers find it difficult to be separated from their Wolf and Shepherd shoes for so long, so we would recommend this only for those of you with at least two pairs of Wolf and Shepherds in the closet.  By using shoe trees, you will ensure that:

1.     Your shoes will maintain their sleek and stylish shape.

2.     Your shoes won’t smell (as much) like your feet.

3.     Your shoes won’t get lonely whenever you’ve turned in for the day or (gasp!) gone out with a different pair of shoes. 

More so than with shoehorns, quality can vary between shoe trees.  Cheaper shoe trees cost around $15-30, and have a nob or thin piece of wood at the back, rather than a full wooden heel.  Higher quality shoe trees will run you about $25-50.  Many times, these will include features like ventilation slots at the toe, a heel that fills out the back of the shoe, and higher quality wood that better wicks away unsavory odors.  Look for an unfinished cedar if you really love your shoes.  For all of you jetsetters, they also make travel shoe trees that can be compacted to better fit in your luggage.

Tip #3 – Store your shoes at room temperature, and place them on their sides if they are wet.  This will:

1.     Allow moisture to evaporate quickly.

2.     Prevent cracking or other damage to the leather.

3.     That’s pretty much it for this one.


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