Comfortable Dress Shoes?

Comfortable Dress Shoes?

Halfway through your commute in the city you’ve got nasty blisters forming on your heels, your feet are killing you, and you are worried you won’t make the morning meeting... the culprit?

Outdated, uncomfortable dress shoes.

While the dress shoes from the same brand that your grandfather and great-grandfather loyally wore may carry a certain nostalgia, they are plain and simply stuck in the past. Traditional men’s dress shoes are made using archaic wood and nails construction. With the technological advances in nearly every other industry, why has the dress shoe industry decided to stick with the 19th century’s town cobbler approach? 

This problem bugged the heck out of Justin Schneider, who at the time was designing running shoes for track and field’s most elite performers. Using the most cutting edge design techniques to create the optimal shoe for performance, Justin became fixated on raising the bar . Three years of hustle later, Wolf & Shepherd is now radically changing the landscape of the luxury dress shoe market. What sets us apart?: we integrate running-shoe tech to create the highest quality, comfortable, and, might we add, very good looking, dress shoes. We still maintain the nostalgia of heritage dress shoes by manufacturing our shoes in a family-run factory in Portugal. The W&S Dress Shoe Collection has got to be, hands down, today’s most comfortable line of luxury dress shoes.

Alright, alright we’ll quit bragging and let our customers do it for us. W&S customer Tom S. seems pretty hyped about his Closer Cap Toes in his review: 

Addicted, out of the box!
"The first thing that strikes you is the weight - or lack thereof. Dragging two dead weights on my feet is not my idea of comfort. The lack of weight did bring ‘quality’ into question, but a quick inspection revealed a well-constructed shoe with high-quality materials. Then I put them on. That’s when the addiction began. I was wearing the wrong socks with a pair of old jeans, but felt like I’d had them for years. And then I couldn’t take them off because I was so surprised. Most ‘comfortable’ dress shoes look like they sound, comfortable, but not stylish. These look and feel awesome! I’ve already recommended them any poor soul who comes near me when I’m wearing them. Great job!" – Tom S., Review on the Closer Cap Toe in Maple

 What's Wrong With My Current Dress Shoes?

Materials - Stiff leathers with not much give make for an uncomfortable fit and a shoe that does not move with your foot. These materials can cut into your foot and cause uncomfortable rubbing and blisters by the end of the day. The stiffness of traditional dress shoes that do not adjust to your movement will have you walking like Frankenstein by the end of the work day.

    Outdated Construction- Traditional dress shoes are often constructed using wood and nails. That’s right, wood and nails. The thought of walking on those materials truly makes us wince. Outdated shoes lack proper cushioning and support, leaving your foot to rest on hard, unwelcoming footbeds.

    Design- Traditional dress shoes may look nice, but they lack attention to detail in how they feel. You know that saying “Look good, feel good”, we think the two should be symbiotic, but heritage brands beg to differ. The design of traditional dress shoes focuses almost entirely on how the shoe looks, while the most important part of any shoe is should be how it performs.

    WeightClunky construction and heavy materials weigh down traditional dress shoes. This makes your legs work harder, slows you down and makes you that annoying loud walker in the office (you know who you are). With all the technology advances in running shoes, it makes no sense that we still have heavy shoes.


    What Makes Wolf & Shepherd Shoes So Comfortable?

    Designed to PerformOur founder, Justin Schneider, spent years perfecting the design of running shoes and performance spikes for track and field’s most elite athletes. He took technical components of performance design, to make the lightest, fastest, most supportive and comfortable dress shoe. How would it feel knowing that your dress shoes were designed in the same way the world’s fastest athletes competition spikes were designed? 

    Lightweight Flex Shank - We've updated the shank in our shoes to include flex-cuts that make the shoe bendy and lightweight. The Flex Shank adds flexibility to allow our shoes to give you the structure and arch support your feet need while keeping you light and fast on your feet.

    HDeva Foam HeelOur foam compression system built to absorb the initial shock of each heel strike. The HDeva technology gets rid of the clunky wood and nails to make our dress shoes offer rebound with each step instead of weighing you down.

    Proprietary Memory FoamPerhaps the most instantly noticeable comfort update to our shoes is the addition of our proprietary memory foam footbed. From the moment you step into a Wolf & Shepherd shoe, the foam instantly hugs your foot and molds to the positioning unique to your foot. No matter how you move throughout the day, you will feel like you are walking on clouds. Trust us, your feet will thank you.


    Leather Selection and Tanning ProcessOur calfskins are selected and tanned with a custom-blended formula to improve softness and durability. With the latest collection, we have made adjustments to our tanning process to maximize the softness of the leathers without sacrificing the strength. With our high-quality leathers and sleek styles, you’ll surely be getting plenty of compliments.



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    The Future is at your feet

    Built from the finest materials we could find and the innovative comfort of the best running shoes, Wolf & Shepherds are a different kind of shoe. Experience them for yourself and never sacrifice style for comfort again.
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