Earth Connect—A SwiftKnit Color Story.

Earth Connect—A SwiftKnit Color Story.

Step into balance.

Take a step out of your routine and balance yourself with nature. Escape the traffic, the deadlines, the busyness of life. Feel the earth beneath your feet. 

The car was packed the night before. As my last meeting came to an end, I topped off the coolant tank and headed for the hills. I brought along my brother, Tanner, who unlike me, is no stranger to Alabama Hills. We successfully escaped LA and arrived to the warm, welcoming glow of Lone Pine’s neon. We made a left turn just before the flashing rainbow trout that seemed to jump out from Slater’s Sporting Goods. The road turned to dirt. Shifting into low gear, we navigated through the darkness and found a place to set up camp between two rock formations. I unfolded the rooftop tent and went to bed.

Find Stone in the tonal rock formations of Alabama Hills.


Step into mindfulness.

Take in your surroundings and be fully present. Engage in the moment by bringing awareness to what you’re experiencing. Enjoy life as it happens.

My brother woke up earlier than me. I think he wanted to see my face when I unzipped the tent and saw the jagged peaks of the Sierras for the first time. The prominence of the mountain range was truly breathtaking. 14,505 feet will really ground you. After soaking up the views over our morning coffee, we headed up Whitney Portal. No matter how many twists and turns the road took, Mount Whitney seemed to always be framed so perfectly.

Find Storm in the dusty blue sky above Mount Whitney.


Step into tranquility.

Take a deep breath. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Slow down and find the peace in every moment.

Everything transformed. Rocky hills became tree-lined mountains, the air was now frigid, and the smell of sagebrush turned to fresh pine. As the road came to an end, we continued up on foot, gaining elevation with every step and heavy breath. We looked back and saw the hills shadowed by Mount Whitney. The winds picked up, whistled through the trees, and lifted the snow from the mountain tops. There was a sense of calmness in the way it floated above the peaks in the distance. 

Find Pine in the trees that line the Eastern Sierras.


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