Introducing—Closer™ Collection

Times have changed, and so should your shoes
In a world that’s moving at a faster pace than ever before,
you need a pair that persists.
Carrying you through your day from open to close,
that never tires from wire to wire.
Whether you need to style up, wind down, gear up, or dress down.
Meet the real deal with an unreal feel.
Crafted at the collision of everlasting style and cutting edge comfort,
every step in Closer brings the future a step closer.
Ushering in a new generation of dress that can keep it refined
or blur the lines and redefine.
Not a once-in-awhile look left on the shelf,
but a classic staple with the versatility to form to your flow.
And a floating feel that frees you to take things at your own pace.
Start every day on a solid foundation
That resets your bearings
And when you walk out the door, you know which pair you’re wearing.
Why stay stuck in the past when the future is at your feet?

The collection

Black | Black

Closer™ Oxford

Brown | Brown

Closer™ Oxford