Loafers: The best trend yet.

Loafers: The best trend yet.

Timeless. Sophisticated. Simple.

The Trend.

Loafers with jeans. Loafers with a suit. Loafers and… khakis? It seems the classic design is clocking in overtime with the various styles we’ve seen on the streets. They’re one of our favorite slip ons to run around town in and we don’t seem to be alone. Staying up to beat on our transitions from office to off-duty, they transform every look into a curated masterpiece. 


Why loafers?

Loafers epitomize the idea of ease. With a slip on dress shoe, there’s no hassle with laces or straps or buttons. Traditionally seen in a business environment, the design has spread its roots into other industries. They can now be spotted on the sidewalk downtown or as someone’s go-to on a quick morning out the door. It’s no wonder they are gaining popularity, we just wonder- what took everyone so long?


Comfort beyond belief. 

Preppy? Try practical. Our Crossover Loafer is made for the simple man who likes the balance of style and comfort. That’s why we made this shoe with an effortless outside look and an inside feel that works in overtime. Cushions lining the base of your foot offer constant support every step. Wolf & Shepherd’s Memory Foam redesigns your idea of comfort and elevates it to a whole new level.


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4 Colors Available

Monaco Loafer

Regular price $195
Regular price Sale price $195
7 Colors Available

Crossover™ Loafer

Regular price $279
Regular price Sale price $279
honey white
Cognac / White
navy white
black white
stone white
maple white
Coast / White
5 Colors Available

Cruise™ Slip-On

Regular price $199
Regular price Sale price $199
Warm Gray / White
Navy / White
Honey / White
Black / White
White / White
4 Colors Available

SwiftKnit™ Loafer

Regular price Starting at $149
Regular price $179 Sale price Starting at $149
navy white
black white
stone white
Heather Gray / White