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When we first started Wolf & Shepherd in 2015 we had the goal of reimagining conventional men's dress shoes.  Our Brand was all about equipping working professionals with the right footwear to win in life.  Our branding was true to our consumer and the product that we made.

In 2017, there was a massive shift in workplace fashion as professionals began to blend business and casual attire, and we recognized the need to adapt to our community's evolving needs. As our product evolved, our Brand followed close after that, we made the change to the logo that has seen our growth from an idea to a force to be reckoned with. A running wolf represents the agility and speed of our product design.


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As we continue to evolve Wolf & Shepherd, we’re thrilled to introduce a fresh and modern update to our visual identity. The redesign process was a labor of love, as we meticulously went through countless revisions and iterations to ensure that our new look truly captures the essence of our brand and the product yet to come.


Iterations of Logo


Our new wordmark has been specially constructed to create a balance between classic letterforms and motion-inspired customization. The W is the hero of the wordmark. The flare on the W matches the wing of our brandmark, bringing an element of speed. Our bespoke tilt represents forward momentum.



Header: Looking to the future 

We are thrilled with the final outcome and we believe that it truly represents our vision.

Our W is the hero of the wordmark. The flare on the W matches the wing of our logomark, with the bespoke tilt representing forward momentum. The look is current, genderless, and abstract but meaningful on several levels.         

Our new logo seamlessly combines the image of a lightning bolt, symbolizing speed and agility, with the winged boot of Hermes, the Olympian god of herds and shepherds. The winged boot is a reference to Hermes' role as a messenger who could move between the mortal and divine worlds. This represents our own dual identity and is a fitting tribute to the universal symbol for Track & Field, which has been a part of our brand since the beginning.

At our core, we are made for the multi-hyphenates, the ambitious, and the trailblazers. We are determined, forward-thinking, and ageless. We motivate you to succeed. We are the future. We are Wolf & Shepherd.



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