The Bit Loafer: Stand out the right way

The Bit Loafer: Stand out the right way

Standing out well has long been a difficult, often clumsy endeavor. You must command attention, but not seek it out. You must announce yourself without screaming "Look at me." You have to really try, but also not try at the same time. It's all very confusing...

This is partially why the Bit Loafer has sustained its popularity for so long. Since its emergence in the 1950’s, the fearless, atypical style has become a staple of the business world from Manhattan to Monterey, on weekdays and weekends. By juxtaposing a casual-leaning leather moccasin against a bold metal piece, the bit loafer has found success as a distinctly sharp, self-aware shoe that offers any outfit an extra pop. Even more, it's a style that's fully bought into itself, which has allowed the rest of the world to follow suit. A great lesson for us all: Know who you are and what you stand for, then the right attention will come naturally


Drawing inspiration from horse racing, Aldo Gucci first introduced the iconic horse bit loafer to the U.S. over half a century ago. At a time where loafers were still considered too casual to wear in the office, adding the metal bit quickly became more than a compromise, it became a preferred business shoe. As the decades followed it redefined the relationship between elegance and leisure, with brands from around the world capitalizing on its sophisticated style. 


Our Belmont Bit Loafer is the next step in this legendary shoe's evolution. By incorporating our premium comfort elements, the Belmont is a shoe as useful in a board meeting as it is on vacation. Most importantly, it's a shoe that rewards people for being comfortable in their own skin. Our hope is that you fall into that category.


4 Colors Available

Monaco Loafer

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Crossover™ Loafer

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honey white
Cognac / White
navy white
black white
stone white
maple white
Coast / White
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Cruise™ Slip-On

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Warm Gray / White
Navy / White
Honey / White
Black / White
White / White
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SwiftKnit™ Loafer

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navy white
black white
stone white
Heather Gray / White