A New Era

A New Era

To our friends,

We’ve come a long way in the last eight years. Through the peaks and troughs, one fact remains; we’ve improved our footwear game for the better.

As a student/athlete running track and field at Notre Dame, I had been exposed to the best shoes the athletic world had to offer. So when I stepped into the corporate world, I was amazed that none of these comfortable innovations had made their way into the shoes we wear to feel great and perform our best at work.

As a footwear designer, it became my mission to create a dress shoe that was as comfortable as it could be while also honoring the traditional style and elevated aesthetic of classic shoes. This mission to equip us to look and feel great is the mission Wolf & and Shepherd has been pursuing since its inception. A mission that led us to the Crossover line. The Crossover is the ultimate blend of business and casual with all-day comfort, and as the first of its kind, it’s likely what brought you to us.

While the Crossover remains a timeless staple in our collection, we know there is more we can do to bring our approach to making style and comfort fit into your lives. We want to provide you with the same level of comfort when you’re off the clock as we gave you when you’re on it.

Cruise opens the door to a new era at Wolf & Shepherd. An era where comfort is king and you don’t have to think twice about what pair to put on in any occasion. With no oversized branding and a sleek and clean silhouette, Cruise elevates your style without stealing the show. Whether your job outside of work is being the best parent, friend, or partner you can be confident in Cruise. Cruise carries on the Wolf & Shepherd tradition of being the shoe that you choose to pursue the dreams you've always had inside you.


It’s a freeing feeling, to look down and realize,

That everything you need to go do the things you’ve dreamed of,

Is already in you.

And the future you want for yourself isn’t in some far off place.

It’s at your feet.


Welcome to a new era


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Justin Schneider

Founder + Co-CEO